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                    Solar News Letter

What is Hot? Solar!

Solar Patio Covers, Solar Shade Structures, Solar Carports!

Have you wanted to be a part of the solution to the ever increasing energy problems that we face? If your property is situated where the roof has poor exposure due to trees or other issues, there may be an area on your property that has good exposure where a trellis structure or carport can be erected to give a platform for solar panels as well as provide you with a greater use of your living area. These can be photo-voltaic(PV), which is to say that they can transfer light into electrical energy, which can be fed into the power grid during peak hours, which may even cause your electric meter to run backwards!  There is also a panel that is translucent, it lets some of the light through, like a sky light. If you would like to become part of this process, contact us!    There is no doubt about it, solar is HOT! For more pictures, See our Slide Show.

Integrated Solar Patio Structure

Solar Patio Cover

Grid-tie system

Solar grid-tie system


Battery Back-up System

Independent battery system